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When we look at any kind of investment, we have to take the view from the buyer’s angle because we can only sell and make money from what people are excited to buy and the real estate market is not an exception. When a particular style is in vogue that will be the number one picture clients will be looking out for with few exceptions here and there of course.

As the real estate market is transforming, there are a lot of trends that come with this big changes. People generally will look for exactly the same thing when buying a house and blow are some of the trends to really watch out for when investing in real estate

Open space

People are actually looking forward to the partition walls coming down. The idea of the kitchen living room and dining room all in one space is the trend now in the real estate market. This brings about friends and family coming together to socialize.

Ceiling Height

The old traditional 8 feet ceiling is now phasing out and now people are looking into getting more height for their inner space

Kitchen counters

The trendy design of kitchen counter is having marble or granite top. This will leave the kitchen looking nice, neat and glitter. And this design also last far longer than the traditional wooden tops


Every now and then you will definitely be faced with the challenge to where to keep valuable items that you are not using at the moment. A good storage is another trend in the real estate market and this also adds value to the house

Large master bedroom

Like they say “this is where the magic happens” everyone is looking to have a nice comfortable getaway space after a busy day. So the master bedroom should be properly planned to flow with the rest of the house.

Natural light

Thought, there is nothing wrong with fixtures, the brightness, beauty and life brought in through the window by the reflection of the sun can never be overemphasized. So many windows are trendy now in the market

The view

The view is one trend that does not grow old. The sunrise and sunset, the ocean, open green field or even the swimming pool in the courtyard have always mesmerized people and they love it. So a house with a wonderful view tend to be in high demand in the real estate market

In every business, closing a deal is as important as the trends in the marketplace. So think of what you want in your dream house and if that is available the deal can be sealed.