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How to Build a WILDLY Successful Real Estate Portfolio from Scratch using the VA Loan

Open invitation to Active Duty US Service members, veterans, military spouses, and  all other VA Loan eligible people to…

👉🏽 Step off the Youtube tips hamster wheel.

👉🏽 Get ridiculously clear about your investment strategy

👉🏽 Get a home and INCREASE YOUR INCOME using the VA Loan benifet.

⚠️ WARNING! ⚠️

Completing this screening will give you superpowers like:

✅ Understanding the FIVE core components of a successful real estate investment that you need to pay know to go from “thinking” about buying a place to BUYING a place (even if you’re brand-new to real estate investing!)

✅ Mastering the homebuying process so you can step off that YouTube tutorial hamster wheel and know exactly WHAT to focus on with your home search and have suitable investments that are cashflow-ready are drawn to you automatically 🛰! 

✅ Dialing into the THREE key elements that are CRUCIAL to the success of your real estate investments.  (P.S… Ignoring these WILL lead to money troubles and failure!) 

✅ Avoiding team selection mistakes that cripple your real estate journey. You’ll learn how to build and work with the perfect team even if you’re brand-new to real estate investing. 

✅ Speeding up your positioning and confidence as EXPERT expert in your market AS WELL as the VA Loan to grow a real estate portfolio like no other 💪

👉AND 👈
You’ll do allllll this by tapping into the power of your VA LOAN! 

You need this all-new screening ONLY if:

You’re a brand-new prospective homeowner who KNOWS they want to buy real estate but lack clarity on WHAT to buy and HOW to move through the process to not get NOT GET FK’D!

A VA Loan eligible citizen who is eager to maximize their VA Loan bennifet (you just aren’t sure WHAT that looks like!) that doesn’t involve guinea pigging youtube strategies you’ve NEVER seen in person 

The always-researching planner who’s ready to step beyond googling random strategies and finally start the path to build an income-generating empire.

Your training experience delivered by Michael Lacks

Active-duty Navy 10+yrs. Licensed Realtor. 7-figure producer and creator of Dont Get Fk’d Academy™. 

I’m Michael Lacks and I can’t wait to teach you my B.S-free, proven-to-work strategies so you can go from “searching and stressing” to getting a home that pays rent to YOU!

Simply (and quickly!) with an extensively tested, step-by-step method to turn your Instagram into a lead-gen, client attraction machine.  

All without the icky-sticky sales techniques, gimmicky hacks, and slow-moving, outdated from youtube guru’s that don’t get YOU. I’m a vet (you’re a Vet, She’s a vet, cause we’re all vets – HEY!) that knows the system and is prepared to spread the word. 

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