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This post I’m going to show you the main cloud-based software I use to run and manage my clients properties and my own rental property. I’ve got 7 things to show you, so lets get started!

Microsoft Dynamics CRM and kitchen sink. Marketing Operations Field service Sales Customer service Powerful and scalable Financials Attracting Talent & so much more.   Big commercial real estate companies like Colliers, JLL, and stiles use it For lead generation and hiring.

I use it for managing my leads and where they are in the pipeline, such as renters going through the onboarding process,   property owners getting their documents in line to make their property rentable.   I love the flexibility of the platform, and that it has great desktop and mobile app support, but honestly there are so many features that’s it’s a little overwhelming to get started.   If you’re not tied to the Microsoft ecosystem, and you’re trying to get your rental business more organized, I suggegst Asana, Airtable, or to look into and see if they fit YOUR busines I’ll post those down below.  

Microsoft Outlook   You know what outlook is, this isn’t news to you, but I stress outlook because it manages tasks, to-do list items, calendar appointments, as well as your email all in one place.   As with a lot of “kitchen sink” apps, this one is a little overwhelming at first, so I’ll give you a couple if tips. Make separate MAIN folders for Leads, Tenants, and Clients. Everything else goes into a different area. If you are running  business, you are trying to make MONEY. Marking emails, Networking invites, sales pitches from every mailing list you’re to lazy to unsub from are distractions. Leads are future business, tenants and clients are current business. You don’t want any of those to fall through the cracks, I mention Outlook because even if you use Gmail or yahoo mail, the outlook app is by far the BEST email experience on mobile.  

Buildium   Does everything Microsoft Dynamics 365 does, but instead of trying to provide every tool to every type of business, it focuses soley on property managers. 

It does one thing, and it does it well.   That being said, the best tool for the job is the one you’re most comfortable with, or the one you already have. I’m used to D365, so even though my broker and my team all use Buildium, I still have a D365 account to fill in the gaps – customer service, lead tracking, and  marketing.  

Pro – Lots of training. Small enough for your first property, and big enough to handle multifamily properties with their own association. Rental photos are distributed to Zillow  and their websites
con – lots of training. Not as steep as D365, but you will want to take a few days off to just sit down and focus on how it can work best for you in your business.  

Adobe Spark -My Instagram graphic designer. I love its branding capability, and plenty of stock images and great templates.   Low learning curve   No cons. It’s a little simplified in what modifications you can make, but in my opinion that just lets me focus on my task which is content creation, so I can get back to my zone of genius – propety management – the scheduler.   I plan all of my content for Instagram on later. Everything I make on Spark goes into later. I plan out each week on my Instagram day, set it, and forget it.     6 Microsoft Todo – my second brain   Everytihng – everything I think if goes here first, your brain is made for finding patters, creating ideas and acting on them – not storage.

I store here   I move it to excel, outlook, D365, onenote or adobe. That’s it. I try to empty it.

Onenote. My drawing board.   Often things go in here and never get cleaned up. Just a riugh implementation, then I excecute.   I tried to be super detailed in my plans, but that just keeps me from executing Perfect ecxample is youtube scripts. And my mailers  

Hope this was helpful. Please forgive the rushed nature of the post.