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When John Nordstrom started the Nordstrom department store company in 1901, he began the foundation for what is known across many industries as the pinnacle of customer service, in any industry.   Here are three things that make up that customer service experience, and I’ll provide tips on how you can integrate them into your own property management business.   Make sure you stick around to the end cause Ill also share a simple template I use to keep clients happy, no matter where they’re located. This is the benefit, and you can use it anywhere.

The first thing is to hire right and then empower your employees to act automonously. You wouln’t ask a machine to handle your workload if it has to get your permission for every single interaction – why would you do it with a human?  “Use your own best judgment” is the core rule and main guideline for the Nordstrom employee handbook. If you hire the right people and empower them to be creative in support of their company and their customers,  that is better than micromanaging them at every moment. And when I say empowerment I don’t mean as an extra perk to the job – but as their job. Make it super clear to your employees that it is their job to be creative without asking permission to think of the right solutions to issues that could it really be laid out and I said rules anyway this is how you can get the most out of your employees and how your customers get the most out of your company  

The second thing is to personalize the experience. “When you shop at Nordstrom,  when you go to department and you ask for help, you have your person for the most part walk you through your trip. This happened to me a couple of days ago (it was actually at blomingdales)  this could be a sales person that moves with you from the time you walk in until you check out. My story is that I needed some golf shoes and pants – and I had no idea where to start. A friendly guy let me know that while they didn’t stock golf shoes specifically, any shoe with Contentential-branded treads will grip wnough for a casual game of ready-golf. I was so pleased with the processes, that I asked for help with a par of pants. I was shown to a few set that met my coolor and style prefrence exactly. That same person took my things to the register with him andrang me up and put them in the Large Brown Bag of theirs, and I was out. I was in and out in ten minutes.   So at Nordstrom, personalizing the experience means helping select and ring up your purchases if you’re rushing into the store on your lunch break or can be a longer-term in more comprehensive attention from a personal shopper who selects clothes she thinks will work well with you Alerts you’re the latest arrivals in and warned you of what might be on your personal what not to wear list so for most of us who are not in the clothing business how can we make a personalized experience likt Nordstroms? Simple ways include sending marketing from an email address that can actually be reply to, having actual employees with actual names at least first names handle your online chats, and allowing employees to respond authentically to customers rather than having to follow scripts.   Lets take it a step further and focus it on residential property management Greeting upon walking in the store – I give my tenants a welcome card with my contact info, the instructions on how to pay their rent online, and the house rules for that building.   Personal Shopper – we provide a list of trusted vendors for repairs the tenant needs to make   Ringing you up at the register – a video walkthrough of how to fill out application forms, and how to pay your bill online.   These are just examples but feel free to be creative with how you can provide a more personalized experience to your customers and clients.    

Third thing is to Charge what you’re worth. Minimize price as a consideration.  years ago some people used to think that nordstroms slogan might be we “will not be oversold”. Nordstrom isn’t known for its low price point, even during a sale.  That being said don’t be afraid to charge what you’re worth or what you need to charge to keep the lights on. To be able to do this though takes two elements: guts,  And providing an experience for your customers that minimizes prices consideration. The guts element is what lets you charge what you’re worth. The experience is what makes paying your prices worth it , because of the value to customers. The way your business operates – like Nordstrom – makes it clear to customers that you have their back makes your experience pleasurable and safe and personal more price face in the background really being the central consideration     That’s not to say that you can’t have fun with pricing. Nordstrom does have its buy annual sales for men and women and while this doesn’t fit in with what we just talked about in regards to pricing, it does add some excitement to the retail experience.    There’s also a chance for a brand to show good faith by doing ask such as refunding the difference between the normal price and the sale price for a client if they had purchased something full price earlier before the sale.  

The fourth thing is to use Use technology to streamline the customer experience. That translates easily over to Property Management. Having an online portal like Buildium or Cozy gives your tenants a simple, fluid way to pay their rent, and keep track of wtheir other financiaes related to the rental – such as their security deposit and any refunds.   Verrnrnablae business models like Nordstroms have an entire technology team devoted streamlining the experience of retail for its customers. You don’ have to go this far, but defenatley allocate at least few hours a week to researching how you can improve the customer experence not only your tenants and your clients – but also yourself! In my next video, I’ll have some tips on how I use cloud technology to streamline my workflow, giving me more time to take care of my tenants and clients.   Purely online companies on specific example for Nordstrom there illuminating the need to wait in line to pay Ater mobile technology you can pay wherever you are for example as you’re trying on shoes you wouldn’t wait in line online so why should you have to in the physical world another example is that Nordstrom is in the embrace of 3 foot scanning size or technology to cover your unique foot criteria precise her height of your urges for example in order to match you the perfect shoe without the need to try and every pair in the house.  

The last way that you can improve your business based on the Nordstrom model is to stay modest and always think how much better you can be.   Use your best judgement in all situations.     Call To Acton   Are there any tip that you don’t agree with, or something I missed that you use in your business? Let me know in the comments. I have no subscribers so its easy for me to read every single comment.